New Job? Yay!

posted in Work on Feb 5, 2008

So to add some sort of written rebut to my last post about not getting that former position, I have turned things around and actually got a job. Interestingly enough, it’s for the same company. In my last post I made mention that I was suggested to look at an alternate position. I did, and am now gainfully employed.

I was rather nervous about the whole situation. I suppose I’m naturally apprehensive when doing completely new things. Luckily, the atmosphere is nice and everyone I’ve met has so far been very helpful and informative. I finished my second day in their training program today and I’ve really felt pretty at ease. It’s essentially a classroom setting (which, of course, I’m used to), but now I get to go through the process with adults, which is great for various reasons. Kids in college may think they’re all grown up (and those who think that are the most who aren’t generally), but it’s a breath of fresh air to be in a place where people aren’t worried if they’re getting into some stupid frat or of how shitty the caf food is going to be. I’m not trying to throw stones and college kids, but it is nice.

So that’s the wrap up; I just got home a little while ago and need to eat dinner before studying. I have to take an exam this week for the job. I am in good spirits.