Olympics 2008 or Phelps Phelps Phelps Phelps…

posted in Media on Aug 12, 2008

Something has gone drastically wrong with the 2008 Olympics. I’m generally a pretty big fan of the Olympics, but this year after a short honeymoon phase, I’m starting to get a little annoyed with the way that NBC is handling their coverage. I’m starting to wish that there was some other option for viewing the games. It’s not that NBC is doing much of a bad job, per se, but there’s just a little too much damn Michael Phelps wankery going on.

Basically what’s happening, if you’re unawares, is that NBC is doing everything in its power to pimp Mr. Phelps for maximum ratings. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, honestly. It’s not like they wouldn’t do something like this, but they are talking about this guy so much it feels like it’s lessening the experience. I really just don’t want to hear about Phelps anymore.

The worst part about my feelings towards this coverage, is that I was actually pretty excited to see Phelps win a few medals and destroy other tinier countries with our superior American might. In his interviews, he generally seems like a pretty nice guy. it’s not his fault the media has turned his persona into that of being a douche.

One of the most extreme example that I’ve seen of this came Tuesday night during the Men’s 4 x 200m. While watching the games, I was talking with some friends online, and during the seven minute race, we kept count of how many times they said his name. The count came to 22. Not only did they mention his name every 30 seconds or so (even when he wasn’t swimming at the time), they would put up a little window on the screen showing Phelps as other people where swimming, just in case you forgot he was there for the couple of minutes that he wasn’t on the screen.

But I digress. I’m glad that he and the American Men’s swimming team kicked a faceload of butt (that doesn’t make much sense), but I wish that NBC would just calm the heck down. I want to like the Olympics, but at the moment I don’t like NBC. I guess I will just have to settle for one of those tasty McDonald’s Southern Style Chicken Sandwiches I’ve been hearing so much about.