Page Load Times

posted in Site Updates on Mar 28, 2007

I’m right on the cusp of switching hosting sites because GoDaddy does not “Go” for me at all. It takes forever for anything to come up, and I just don’t know if it’s my connection here (at school…*sigh*) or if it’s a problem that everyone who runs into this site is experiencing. I have a request from anyone who is reading this (on Facebook, mostly): please just go here and leave a comment (no need to sign up to do so) on how long it takes for the page to fully load. I’ve talked with a couple of folks and their times for loading the page has ranged from “forever!” to “1-2 seconds.” That’s an incredible inconsistency.

If I get a lot of comments saying it’s crap slow, then I’m done with GoDaddy’s hosting. If any of you know of good hosting sites, let me know. Thanks!