posted in Pressed & Bound on Jun 16, 2007

I may be getting ahead of myself and I may not, but since we have two episodes of P&B under our belts, I went ahead and constructed to handle all of the episodes. In addition to just having postings on the show, we’re going to have written reviews of books and movies as well.

Continuing with that, we actually could use to have some people write for us. If you read a lot or watch some interesting movies, shoot us an email and we’ll consider adding you to the staff. Really the only stipulation we have is that for movie reviews, we would like more obscure titles rather than huge Hollywood movies that people already know about anyway. Our goal is to try and bring some information on titles that may not be readily known to the public; give the lesser known films a chance. There’s really no limit for books, though; have at it.

So jump on over to and give ‘er a look. I won’t be hosting these shows here anymore, so update your RSS! We should also be on iTunes fairly soon.