Punch, Punch, Kick

posted in Past Goodness, People on Mar 2, 2006

I swear the next time I see some douche walking around using the speakerphone function of their cell phone I’m going to flip out ninja-style and pull out their jugular. If you’re walking on the sidewalk, the ambient noise is enough to make you put the cell phone right up to your mouth while you’re using that speakerphone crap, so what’s the freaking point? It’s another six inches to put it up to your ear! Is six inches too far for you fatty?!? So instead of just using the phone normally, you forfeit common courtesy and make us listen to you shout into the phone while you pull your little backpack with the wheels on it because your books are just soooo heavy. Seriously; what the crap? You deserve me slide-tackling you and elbowing you in the face. How does using the speakerphone setting benefit anything? It doesn’t, that’s how. Unless you need to share a conversation with someone next to you or have too many things in your hand and have to set the phone down, it’s only use is to get me angry. I have this feature on my phone, and it’s as loud as a mother, but guess what, THE EARPIECE WORKS EVEN BETTER. Imagine that. It’s almost as if that’s the way to use a phone. Good job with that speakerphone there, buddy, I’m sure it’ll help you out when you’re popping collars or skating in the douchekapades.