RunKeeper is so great (and getting greater) [races]

posted in Running on Sep 16, 2010

As you can see, there is only one race in Oklahoma City.  Only one race ever.
RunKeeper has been my go-to running app for a little over a month, and in that time I have not only racked up 30 miles (bam!) but have also gathered a great appreciation for the service. I really enjoy using it; it’s simple and it’s great. There really is not much more to say about it.

Today, RunKeeper announced that they have added a super awesome new feature: Races! With this new feature you can search for local races, add them to your profile, and keep track of how well you did race to race. It will also be a great place to show off to all your friends how much more awesome than them you are!

Or, as their posting put it:

With RunKeeper Races, you can do all of these things:

– find new races by distance and location
– see who else in the RK community is running in the same race as you
– see what races your Street Teammates have signed up for, to get ideas on new races to run
– proudly display the races you have run on your RK profile, so you can showcase your accomplishments

I thoroughly look forward to using this feature. I am way too lazy to search around to try and find races (Google is hard!), so if they start showing up here that will greatly boost my desire to run. It will also help me show off my sexy Vibrams.

There is also a video of the Races feature in that post. Check it out, fatty!