Russian Music should stay in Russian. You don't see us importing Communism.

posted in Past Goodness, School on Apr 29, 2003

So…this Les Noces stuff is over. For those of you who don’t know what Les Noces is, it’s a Stravinsky choral piece that lasts 30 minutes long. And it’s also completely in Russian…which makes any American vocalist whine and complain more than a nine year old hyper-active hypoglycemic when you tease him with chocolate. And good ‘ol OCU is no different. Anyone within the music school has heard complaining from the vocalists. Is it that hard to just shut up? “Les Noces is hard!” “Oh yeah….how ’bout you shut up?” And I can see why they complained. At our first rehearsal they were putting out more bad notes than a blind, deaf secretary. But it got better, and the concert wasn’t so bad…so let’s never speak of it again.