Senators Piss Me Off

posted in People on Sep 11, 2009

Out of this whole rigamarole (i.e. the health care stuffs), from turmoil with illegal immigrants to malpractice lawsuits to Joe Wilsons, what seems to strike me the hardest is the remembrance that senators and politicians really are just in it so save their own skin.

What I’m hearing on NPR and around other news outlets is all of this talk about how Obamarama and Co. need to get this bill passed before next year, when all of the senators will be running for re-election. The hindrance, though, is that a lot of senators are worried that if they vote for the bill, they might not get re-elected. Let’s get angry for a moment.

It makes me angry that the justification we hear about for not voting on the bill is not that they don’t like what’s inside it, but that there might be the possibility they’ll lose their swank house if they vote on it. Way to serve the public in your public office, dudes.

And that’s not to say that most of those opposed to the bill don’t simply hate the words inside, but I’d love to stop hearing that their hesitations lie with them potentially not being able to bang chicks in Argentina or whatever they actually do.