posted in Past Goodness on Jan 2, 2006

Upon watching a few football games over the holidays, it has become apparent that football players are sissies.  They have a ton of padding and their helmets take away all of the brunt force of the hits.  That’s dumb.  I’ve seen old time football games and they’re darned good.  Those were real men.  All they had back then were some rolled up towels for pads and leather helmets.  They weren’t even so much helmets as they were leather hats, like if right after the game the quarterback went out to fly a bi-plane with the Red Baron.  It may not be necessary to get rid of all of the pads in current football games, but maybe they could have more interesting bowl games.  Instead of the Rose Bowl, there should be the Facemask Bowl.  In this bowl facemasks are legal, making every play interesting!  No more of this “give the ball to the guy and have him run down the middle.”  Now it could be, “Give the ball to the guy and some other dude rips his head off.”  That has to be at least a little more interesting than what we get now.

New Year’s Resolution: Have better Musings than this, it sucked.