Some Chick On SNL Cursed. Also: Norm McDonald.

posted in Media on Sep 27, 2009

Over the weekend Saturday Night Live apparently started its 35th season. Hosted by Megan Fox with musical guest U2. Congrats guys on at least a decade of good shows.

The big story to come from all the hoopla is that one of the freshman cast members, on her first show, in her first skit, subconsciously decided it’d be a good idea to drop the so-called F-Bomb on live television. Haven’t we learned anything from Janet Jackson’s boob? How can you have live video that’s not actually ten minutes behind to watch for this stuff? Come on, FCC; get with it! (Just kidding, I’m all for boobs and cussing on air.) Her name is Jenny Slate, whether that makes any difference or not.

After all of this happened, I got into the conversation with some friends about if/when this person will be fired. I brought up the point of “Wasn’t Norm McDonald fired because he cussed on air?” That’s what I had thought, but it turns out it was just some douche executive on the west coast. That mystery solved, and getting to the meat of the post, I decided to look up some old Norm clips since Norm’s legacy will outlast this girl and her mess-up. And let’s begin:

Norm’s Best Moment’s (according to whom ever put together this video):

A more fleshed out clip of Norm on Conan making fun of Carrot Top (this is priceless):

Norm discussing Steve Irwin:

Norm McDonald on Steve IrwinThe funniest movie is here. Find it

Norm on Letterman right after being fired from Weekend Update:

Sometimes we just need to remember that even though SNL now is a one and a half hour long show written by teenagers, it once had funny, talented people who were fired for being funny and talented.