New Shoes Get

No, sorry, I didn’t get different shoes, I got another pair of the same brand (Vibrams). I DID, however, buy a different model for an upcoming rafting trip. I wore them today to “break ’em in,” but I’m not sure what to think, yet. Maybe I’ll make a video about them soon…*scratches chin thoughtfully*


One Week With Crazy Shoes

It has officially been one week since I received my Vibram Five Fingers, and for seven days I wore only those shoes. So what’s the verdict? Do they suck? Hurt? Somehow turn you into a Hobbit? While they are very unconventional shoes, at the end of the day I must say they definitely rock my […]


Vibram Five Fingers

Last week I purchased a pair of super creepy shoes that are toed. Think of toe socks, only toe shoes. The brand is called Vibram Five Fingers, and they claim to offer all of the awesomeness of walking bare foot but while wearing shoes. We’ll see if that claim pans out, but for now I […]