The Daily Post at WordPress.com

You know what? Bring it on 2011. After reading a CNN article about writing a post every day, I have decided that I will take on this feat of strength and will that of the utmost difficultly. Or I will just link to a lot of things like this post basically is. Some people are […]


WordPress, The iPhone App

So now that I have a fancy phone, I’ve been spending all of my time downloading applications and testing things out. By recommendation from my brother, I decided to check out the official WordPress app to give it a spin. So far, so good I must say. Basically, once you input your user information foe […]


New Layout 2

Well, it looks like I’ve got everything at least running. Nothing exploded and no babies were harmed (much). Although I did just notice that I’m using the same theme as Blake Huggins. He (and 80,000 other people) did find it first, so I cannot take credit for this theme. It’s a good theme though, so […]