Talking Demonic Bears. Yeah, That's Right.

posted in Miscellaneous, Past Goodness on Jun 3, 2003

Do you remember how incredibly creepy those Teddy Ruxbin bears were? Man, that thing gave me the hooboojeebees. Nothing so soft and furry should every be able to talk like that. Those unblinking eyes looked directly into your SOUL. My brother had the inspired idea one day to put a Metallica tape in that thing. Hearing “The Unforgiven” come out of my little bear….*shudders* still gives me nightmares to this day. As soon as he said, “…And I dub thee unforgiven”, I knew Teddy had to go. Teddy lived in our attic for quite sometime after that…thinking..plotting revenge on us for his new home, until one day my brother and I had to climb up there. Teddy lunged from the dark. I ducked just in time and the bear lept into my brother’s arms. He immediately beat poor Teddy’s head into the rafters, forever ending his violent rage. The strange thing was that when I looked at it later, the “Evil” switch had been set to “On.” Woopsie.
Disclaimer: No talking bears were hurt in the making of this Musing.