Thanks Financial Department Peoples

posted in School on Oct 7, 2007

Finding out that you’re overdrawn is always a fun ordeal. I really like it when I’m very much in the hole and cannot buy anything. The best part about this situation I’m currently in, however, is that it’s completely not my fault. I’ve overdrawn once before about 3 years ago, and it was – like this – not my fault and was rectified fairly efficiently. Then it was a screw up with Six Flags’ website and they charged me for like 8 tickets or something when I only wanted two. Here, the mistake came almost a fortnight after I paid for my tuition this year.

Bank RegisterBasically what happened was that the school charged me twice for the single tuition payment I made. Always fun when the payment is $624. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t find this out sooner, as they charged me last Thursday. Since it’s the weekend I cannot do a darned thing about it until Monday, so my weekend is essentially shot in terms of going out. Of course, “going out” is generally not what I do anyway, preferring instead to miser myself away at home. But them taking the prospect of going out away from me is rather angering.

I called my bank earlier today because calling the school was out of the question, and they really can’t do anything unless the offending party doesn’t want to pay for their mistake. Fortunately, my bank knows that I’m not an idiot, and in the last five years my record has been spotless, so they took off the overdraft charge without making me jump through any hoops. Normally I would have had to fax them something or other, but they let that slide. Let’s just hope that OCU is as easy to work with. More on this as it develops.