Thanks Financial Peoples Pt. 2

posted in Miscellaneous, School on Oct 10, 2007

All’s well that ends well, I suppose. Today I can safely confirm that all of the money that was owed to me has been returned to my possession. That was a really fun couple of days of not having any money in my checking account. Here’s the story for those who are interested:

On Monday I stormed up to the financial office on campus ready to demand that my money be replaced. Full of piss and vinegar, I vehemently threw open the doors, ready to get down to business. That’s not entirely true. I understand that mistakes happen, so I wasn’t as mean as I could have been, but I needed ma money, so I was fairly curt. Anyhow, I walk in ready to discuss things, fortunately finding a completely empty waiting line. The guy behind the desk took my story nicely, but before he could do anything about it, his supervisor peered around her cubicle and made her way to my direction. She explained that they had seen this happen to a couple of people that week, that there was a batch error and that they would put that money back into my account. I asked them how long that would take, and “could be up to 48 hours” was the answer. I figured as much, but I had things that needed to be paid for, things that would automatically be taking money out of my account that week, so sitting on my thumb for two more days was out of the question. I think that at this point was when I became a pill. They looked at me strangely when I told them that I wanted my money now, that I needed to pay on other things and that there was a two day period that I was using my card before I knew I had zero funds, so there were businesses waiting to get paid and for all intents and purposes probably looking down on me at that very moment. The supervisor told me she’d see what she could do.

After going through another office, she came back with an envelope holding the amount that I needed, in twenties. I must say, holding an enormous stack of twenties both makes you feel all conglomerate but also incredibly anxious. “I’m rich and crazy at the same time!.” So I thanked them for their help, and made my way out of the building, Elvis style.

My next stop was the bank, where I could go from red to black. Unfortunately for me, it was Columbus day. Banks were closed to celebrate our false finding. I felt at this moment like putting my tail between my legs and going back to the school to give them the money back and ask if they could just do the card thing. But, after many colorful words, as I was about to turn around and walk out of the building that housed the bank, I noticed a sign on the window that said their “supermarket stores” were still open. I drove back home and looked up the nearest open bank, and found that there was one about a block away in a Buy 4 Less.

The Buy 4 Less nearest me is about as shady as you can get, so carrying multiple hundreds of dollars in there was not my favorite thing, but it had to be done. I quickly filled out a deposit slip, and took it to the teller. I explained to him what was up, as I figured it would be rather peculiar to see some college student bring a stack of twenties to deposit. He didn’t care, to be perfectly honest, and took the money and the slip and bid me a good day. By the time I got back to my apartment, my account had been credited for the amount, and everything was fine.

So yes, all is well at the moment. I won’t be seeing this money for long, unfortunately, because as I’ve been typing this I got a calendar reminder that I need to make a payment on a loan I have, so bye-bye money.