posted in Miscellaneous on Jul 9, 2006

So if anyone has been following me for the past little while, you’ll know that I used to co-host a little known podcast for about five months or so. It was short lived, but it was fun to do so screw all the naysayers. Well, on a whimsical period of napping, I decided to bring TheScallion out of the trenches and it has been retooled to allow user submissions. Basically what goes on there is that people makes posts about whatever they choose, and then we talk about those posts on the show. It sounds very similar to Digg, yes, but I think it’ll be good for a smaller user base, which is exactly what we’ll have. It doesn’t have to necessarily be about any particular thing, as well. You’re not limited to what you want to post or whether or not that post makes a whole heck of a lot of sense. So long as it’s readable, it’s good, and we’ll talk about it on the show. We also want to have as many guests as we can to co-host the show, so if you are in the area, we want you to come down. The only stipulation is that you bring your own headset or mic. BYOHoM.

So head over there and get posting!