These Grapes Have Wrath

posted in Past Goodness on Apr 6, 2006

Wind is freaking annoying sometimes. You don’t even have to do anything for wind to come out of nowhere and jack things up. Just walking down the street? Wind doesn’t care; it just wants to blow all of those papers out of your hand. Trying to read outside? Wind doesn’t care; it throws your pages all over the place so you can’t simply read and be happy. You see, wind feels like eroding everying, even your face. It picks up dirt and debris and flings it all in your eyes just because it can. Take that human race, you can put a man on the moon but stopping a good debris flinging is out of the question. I can’t wait until we have little bio-domes all over the place where we can control these type of things; well, sans Pauly Shore of course.