This Is What A WoW Party Looks Like

posted in Games, People on Jan 21, 2009

Last weekend some friends of mine and I decided to get together and play some WoW. The task at hand was to raid Naxx, which is short for “Naxxramas,” which is short for “we are nerds.” Raids can go up to and include 40 people, but for our purposes, we were doing a ten man raid that fateful day.

Wow Party

This was actually four photos, but Photoshop is kind enough to have a “Photomerge” script that will take your pictures and handily make a panorama from them. The pics were taken with my iPhone.

So there you have it. If you were ever curious as to what nerds do, there you go.

Warning: clicking the photo above may make your browser go a little wonky. Luckily you can just hit the little X in the lower right hand corner.