This Page is Changing

posted in Site Updates on Aug 17, 2006

Through its few iterations, has changed visually four times. If you want to count my old Angelfire site as an extension of that, then the count goes up to somewhere near seven. All of these different visual styles didn’t have any influence on the content of the site, however, which stayed primarily as a melting pot of everything that happened to excite or annoy me on any given day. As I grow older, this method of simply listing out grievances and complaints makes my mind weary. It’s harder and harder to find things to gripe about when you’ve matured past the point where you believe that everything is out to get you. In this way, the site is probably going to change a little bit.

Sophmoric humor and petty observations will always have a home here. In fact, even though I write this saying that I’m now above such things, I guarantee that there will still be these type of posts. I really don’t have a problem with this necessarily, as they are fun to do on occasion, but now instead of being the main course, they’ll more likely be researved for a side dish and you have to use a special fork to ingest.

I’ve pretty much made up my mind that the Flash stuff will also never return. I don’t really have a creative bone in my body in terms of visual output (in all mediums except for Nintendo DS Pictochat), so making Flash cartoons is definitely out of the question. Those three cartoons that I had up since the summer of 2001 will not be making a return. I can dredge them up from the depths if need be for special occasions, but I don’t see how they really fit with anything on this site anymore. Now, if I had something cool like Toonboom or something, then Flash animation might find its way back, but since I don’t have the money to spend on such things (or really any need to spend money on such things), this won’t happen.

Wallpapers fall into a sort of grey area. While I had fun making them, I don’t think they served as anything important besides my own self gratification. If I start making some more then I might upload them again, but I don’t know.

My last dilemma stems slightly from the first, where I don’t know exactly what to do with those sarcastic posts that I said were now peprika rather than peking duck. TheScallion has changed into a user submitted site, where posts like that can thrive and flourish, so I don’t know if I should continue posting such material here or focus those efforts over there. On the one hand I want that site’s content to grow on its own, without the creator’s help, but on the other hand I don’t think that writing on that site would be such a bad idea so long as I am not the primary contributor.

My page has grown over the years. Not so much in readership, but in the way that I’ve wanted it to look and feel. This is another one of those changes, and it’ll probably one of the biggest. There will still be random posts and thoughts, but I think overall I want it to have a more intelligent feel. According to the government, I am an adult, after all.