This rabbit thinks it’s hot stuff

posted in Photography on May 2, 2013
Maybe this rabbit is a prairie dog

Today, while is the process of taking out the trash, I noticed that the front yard had an intruder, and one most foul: an adorable bunny rabbit who was surprisingly cool with getting its picture taken.

I hoped that I wouldn’t spook the little guy (girl?) and force it to run away, so I tiptoed carefully about the patch of tall grass it was sitting in while it looked at me and sniffed the air. Once it decided I wasn’t a threat, it went about its business building a nest in the grass.

The rabbit starting pulling up grass and sticks from the ground and placing them in its nest. I hurriedly grabbed my camera from inside and took some shots. I ended up getting down in the grass with the bunny, just a few feet away from the nest. After gathering some grass, it was a little hesitant to return to place its goods because I was so close, but within about a minute or so it seemed to not care and just wanted to get the dirt out of its mouth.

I shot everything here with a 50mm lens, but realized too late that because the sun was setting, many of my shots were defaulting to f1.8 to let in as much light as possible. Some blurry and wrongfully focused shots came out when it was all said and done. That’s too bad.