Three Days of Running Like A Sissy

posted in Running on Mar 24, 2010

As mentioned a few days ago, I have taken up the hobby of running to accompany my hobbies of being slovenly, lazy, and eating chips and salsa. I have, as of this writing, completed three days of slowly covering distances around my neighborhood. How has that worked out? YOU MUST READ ON TO FIND OUT THIS INFORMATION YOU SO SEEK.

Last summer I briefly ran through my neighborhood after I bought my Vibrams, but at that time I made the rookie mistake of running right after I bought my first pair, causing undue pain and stress against my whole body, but especially the feet area of my body. I recall having blisters and soreness for sometime afterwards. Take it from me, don’t run in those shoes too soon. If running is something that you weren’t doing already (like me), but you wanted a pair of Vibrams to begin running, hold off on the running part for a good couple of weeks. Everyone will tell you this, the instructions that come with the shoes tell you this; heed the advice of those more wise than thou. You’ll be happier for it. After those couple of weeks, though, run the hell out of them.

Now, one full year later, thoroughly rested from those days of yore, my body has reversed itself and regular shoes feel like clogs or moon shoes. Walking became fun again, sunshines rainbows, etc. But I wasn’t exercising in my barefoot shoes, simply going about daily chores, work, rescuing cats from trees, etc. Not until last week did I actively run in them, and I’m happy to say that my feet feel great. Oh what a year makes.

As you can see from the image above, my route is not as cool as running around the track at Hefner, as my only scenery is that of a bunch of homes where old people live, but the route does constitute one full mile and then some (according to the internets, 1.22 miles, roughly). For this first week I wanted to focus on being able to rock that before going further (running three miles last Friday on my first go was probably not for the best). And that’s really where “running like a sissy” comes from; I’m fairly certain more mileage is doable, I simply do not want to break anything in my frail body too soon. There will be plenty of time for that.

I have noticed that even in this short span of 72 hours I have knocked off at least thirty seconds from the run in getting back to where I started. I have been running in two minute intervals – sissymode – that are basically two on and two off. Yesterday I know I did right at 3.5 sets of those (14 minutes): when I was right in front of my condo the alarm to begin walking sounded. Today, I had ran into the vestibule of the condo and up on set of stairs before that happened – prostyle. I am hoping to make these types of small gains every few days, but we shall see about that.

In other exercise news, I’m up to 40 pushups in the morning, looking to extend those to 45 soon. A victory on all fronts!

And that is the report for today. TRANSMISSION OVER.