Training Is Over: Week 7 Wrap-Up

posted in Work on Mar 22, 2008

It’s been a long two months, but I will – as of Monday – finally be on my regular shift. I’m sure it’s been mentioned before, but I will be starting out working nights. It should be pretty interesting. I’ve obviously been working during the day for the past couple of months, and now my body has been reprogrammed from staying up all night usually to waking up at six a.m. This weekend I have been trying to turn that back around. So far I’ve stayed up all night on Friday, and tonight I will be trying to do the same. I have to finish one novel and I have two newish video games to play in addition to a multitude of cleaning that needs to take place in my apartment. Since I have to stay up all night tonight, I’m going to make a new post in a few minutes to chronicle my exploits (and potential failure of staying up) every hour or so. It’s going to be totally awesome*.

But as far as my last week of training is concerned, it was less of “training” and more of “doing.” They put us to work as though it was a regular schedule, only we still had help at hand if need be. On Monday that will change slightly. Instead of having a physical person to hang around and come help, we have to call supervisors and such. It will be a change, but nothing drastic.

The week proved to be quite interesting. In actually doing the job, I was able to speak with every type of person out there, from the calm and collected to the nutso crazy. I’ve always been a very patient person, but that patience had been tried a couple of times by some irate folks. It’s not a big deal. I don’t wear their anger on my shoulder, but there had been some stressful times. I’m glad that I got all of those calls out of the way early on. Now I know how to handle them. Since I’ve never necessarily been in a direct customer service type job before, it’s all fairly new to me. I survived, however, and in doing so I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine for the long haul.

One of the more fun things I got to do this week was go speak to the new training class. On Friday right before we all went home, they allowed five of us to go and speak to the new group. They were all nervous and apprehensive about actually taking the first call. Since that was a mere four weeks ago when I took my first call, I can relate. I really like speaking in front of groups of people. In college, when having to give a speech or presentation, the actual presenting was generally pretty fun (unless I was grouped with people I didn’t like or couldn’t understand [that exact thing being a partial animus for me dropping from school]), and I really like it when I get to speak for fun and not for a grade. I’m hoping I was able to assuage some fears for the new group.

But yes, work actually starts on Monday, in addition to a 5% shift differential. More moneys is always fun.

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