Warning: Carcinogens

posted in Past Goodness, People on Feb 16, 2005

So I overhear a smoker comment on how he hates it when people walk around him when he’s smoking and then cough.  Oh, really?  I’m sorry that my pristine lungs react to chemicals that are aimed at destroying them.  I apologize that I can’t take a direct blast of burning ash in my face.  If you’re cool with polluting my clean air and spending a ton of cash to do so, then that’s fine; but don’t complain when I point out that you’re a walking safety hazard.  I will concede that some cigarettes don’t burn too bad, that you’re totally in flavor country when you smell it, but the retardness is still there.  I seriously hope Congress just keeps on pushing up those taxes on cigarettes little by little.  It’ll be like cooking a frog: you gotta slowly raise the temperature in the pan, otherwise he’ll jump out.  Everyone who smokes pretty much gets what they deserve: less money, bad lungs, cancer, the list goes on.  Having such vices as smoking in a society that knows better is pretty ridiculous.  Yeah, I know you’re “addicted.”  The ad campaigns and peer pressure have worked.  But guess what, you can quit.  It’s called will power.  Get some.