Week 2 in Jogtown.

posted in Running on Mar 31, 2010

Here is a brief update on how far I have come since a whopping two weeks ago. Things are getting more comfortable on all fronts, and I have added some distance, but I will still consider what I do at this moment to be somewhat sissified.

Last Saturday as well as this passed Monday I ran the route I outlined before. Today, however, I added a whole .5 miles to the trek. Before, the run was 1.22 miles or so but today the internet has told me that I did a distance of 1.76. Not an incredible leap in distance, but enough to feel something. Since last week I had been doing about a 13 minute mile; the extra half of a mile brought that time right up to 20 minutes, so that’s about right.

The most difficult part about the new leg today was the fact that there were wind gusts of about 40 miles an hour blowing from the south. That was not especially fun, but it was doable.

I wore my VFF Sprints today, which I enjoy. Their name is pretty apt for the activity, although I did wear a very slight blister in between two of my toes on my left foot. I don’t think it was from the shoe itself, but I felt a little dirt in there and I think that had something to do with it. I’ve had that happen before, so it’s a feeling that I have known, but I look forward to picking up some of the VFF Bikilas that will be coming out in a month so I will have a “closed” pair of VFFs.

That is all for today.