Work and Play

posted in Games, Work on Mar 10, 2008

I pretty much seem to only be writing about work lately, and while there will be a little here about that, I will also deviate as well. So gird your loins, because here we go:

  • I’ve started week six of training for my job. Things are getting “easier,” but I still am cautious of exactly everything that I’m allowed to do. There’s a very thin line for information that you can give out to certain people, and I’m always wary about what I say, making sure not to give out anything that I shouldn’t. Luckily, to alleviate a lot of the stress, last Friday I happen to win two tickets to the local hockey spectacle on Sunday.
  • Before the Sunday night Hockeython rolled around, a tiny game came out that probably not too many people have heard of. That game would be Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Myself and my nerd buddies went out at midnight to pick up the game, and since then I’ve been trying to unlock a lot of characters and things. Yep, super nerd time all around.
  • And lastly, the hockey game was a neat little diversion to my normal Sunday. Usually, I’d be laying around in my underwear playing video games (which I did for a little bit because of Smash Bros.), but this Sunday was different. The tickets I won happened to be associated with the box suite that my company owns at our local building-that-houses-sporting-events. So I took a friend and went to see what was the scoop. It was pretty fun being all high and mighty in the little box, looking down at all the people who didn’t have a couch to sit on. Our team ended up losing hard (1-5), but it was an enjoyable experience. I had never been to a hockey game previously, but I’d go back to one. They’re definitely more interesting than baseball games, and last half as long. That’s no slight against baseball, but baseball usually has really boring moments. Hockey, at least, has movement throughout.

So that was my weekend. Right now I’m about to hit up the video games and then go to bed at around 9pm because I’m tired as hell. Have a good one.